Support & Intervention

Faculty and Staff

Support for Faculty and Staff

CSI provides support, guidance, resources, and referrals to University faculty and staff. We know that personal and professional challenges can arise that may affect your ability to accomplish your work and meet your goals.  We work closely with the Center for Work and Family Life, Human Resources, Academic and Faculty Affairs, and the Department of Public Safety to identify the best approach and response to assist.  If you or someone you know is concerned about a USC faculty or staff member, please do not hesitate to contact CSI either by phone (213) 740-0411, email , or through our online reporting program – Trojans Care 4 Trojans (TC4T)

Critical Incidents

CSI oversees outreach to members of the Trojan Family after critical incidents – both on campus and around the world. If a faculty or staff member is impacted by a large-scale incident such as a natural disaster or tragedy, they can contact CSI for support and assistance in getting connected to resources.

Concerned about a student?

CSI can also assist faculty and staff when they are concerned about a student. You may encounter a student who you learn has experienced a problem/tragedy, who is struggling for a variety of reasons, or who is exhibiting a change in behavior or demeanor from what you have seen from this student in the past.  Please contact CSI via phone, email, or anonymously through TC4T about the student and the changes you have become aware of. We will then consult with you and identify the best way to respond and assist the student.

Phone: (213) 740-0411


Trojans Care 4 Trojans (TC4T)