How to Request a Voluntary Health Leave of Absence

  1. Complete the Voluntary Health Leave of Absence Request Form  
  1. Submit a Provider Recommendation Form, completed by your healthcare provider  
  1. Schedule an appointment with a member of the Health Leave Team:
  1. Complete the Undergraduate Leave of Absence Form  (undergraduate students only) 

Please submit these forms to your Health Leave Coordinator if you elect to move forward with the health leave. Please keep in mind that the health leave process can occur through phone, Zoom, and email if you need to leave campus to begin treatment and recovery. 

Visit USC’s Leave of Absence website to review different departments you may need to check in with when setting up a leave. When exploring the possibility of a health leave, we recommend that students check in with their academic advisors and any other offices that are relevant to their enrollment (e.g. OIS, financial aid, registrar, housing) to determine what kind of impact a health leave might have.

Helpful Resources  

Disability Services and Programs – If you have not already done so, we encourage you to reach out to Disability Services and Program to explore academic accommodations.  

Academic Advisor – Your advisor can help you understand how a leave will affect your academics.  

Financial Aid – Reach out to Financial Aid or other funding sources to explore the impact of a health leave.  

Office of International Services – International students must connect with the Office of International Services (OIS) to discuss any leave.  

USC Housing – If you live in USC Housing, contact them to learn more about the cancellation process.  

Tuition Refund Insurance – Visit the One Stop website to learn how to file a tuition refund claim.  

Student Health Insurance – Contact the Student Health Insurance Office to enroll in LOA insurance or address questions about your student health insurance.  

Petition Services – You can initiate petition processes (i.e., late withdrawal) through Petition Services.