How to Request Return from a Voluntary Health Leave of Absence

When you are ready to return from your health leave, you will need to do the following to request return:

  1. Complete the Reflective Statement
  2. Submit the Readiness to Return Form, completed by your healthcare provider
  3. Schedule a return appointment with your health leave coordinator

The timelines to complete these three steps are below. You can begin the return process no earlier than the first date listed and must complete all three steps above by the final deadline listed for your desired term of return. 

  • For spring semester return – October 1st-31st (final deadline October 31st
  • For summer semester return – March 1st-31st (final deadline March 31st
  • For fall semester return – June 1st-30th (final deadline June 30th

If you need to register for classes prior to the deadlines above, you may request a provisional lift of your hold through the Provisional Hold Lift Request Form.

Please note that requests for additional time to complete any component of the return process must be made prior to the final deadline in order to be considered.

Helpful Resources for Return 

Academic Advisor – Your advisor can help you course plan for your return. 

Disability Services and Programs – If you have not already done so, we encourage you to reach out to Disability Services and Program to explore academic accommodations.

Financial Aid – Reach out to Financial Aid or other funding sources to explore the impact of a health leave.  

Office of International Services – International students must connect with the Office of International Services (OIS) to discuss any leave.   

USC Housing – If you live in USC Housing, contact them to learn more about the cancellation process. 

Tuition Refund Insurance – Visit the One Stop website to learn how to file a tuition refund claim.

Student Health – Please contact Student Health for referrals and other helpful resources. 

Petitions – If you have any pending items related to petitions, please connect with Petition Services.