Emergency Loan Application

For students struggling with severe financial hardship.

The Campus Support and Intervention Emergency Loan program is available for students who have experienced an unforeseen financial emergency.  Students may receive one loan per/semester not exceeding $1,000.  Students are highly encouraged to consult with the Financial Aid Office and their respective academic unit prior to applying for an emergency loan. 


  • Currently enrolled 
  • Good financial standing with USC – does not have a negative balance in collections 
  • U.S.A. issued Social Security Number 
  • Must demonstrate need by providing documentation verifying the emergency 

What is an Emergency? 

Family emergency, loss of employment, natural disasters, medical emergencies and other unexpected issues that suddenly change your financial circumstances 

Policy Details 

  • CSI may approve loans of up to $1000 per student. Please allow three to five business days for processing. 
  • For loans larger than $1000, students may appeal for their requested amount in the application. CSI will review the request, which may extend the loan processing time by three additional business days. 
  • Emergency loans must be repaid through Student Financial Services within 90 days. 
  • If an emergency loan is not repaid within 90 days, an additional 10% annual interest rate will be applied and sent to collections. 
  • Failure to repay will also result in students becoming ineligible for future emergency loans 
  • CSI reserves the right to decline any application, regardless of eligibility. 
  • Emergency Loan Application Form

    Please fill out the form below and someone from Campus Support & Intervention will contact you.
  • A SSN is required for the loan application. Upon approval, a staff member will contact you via phone to obtain it.
  • (Financial Aid appeal, academic unit, family, friends, organizations, etc.)
  • Please share with us anything you feel is relevant.
  • While it is not required in order to submit your Emergency Loan application, supporting documentation will allow us to review your request more quickly and accurately. If you choose not to include supporting documentation, it might be requested after your application is submitted, which could delay the review process further.
    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 10 MB.