Support & Intervention

Health and Wellness

Health issues are not uncommon for USC students, and there are many resources available to assist with whatever health challenges arise. The categories below provide a great deal of helpful information about common health and wellness concerns. If you have additional questions or would like to speak with a USCSi staff member about your specific circumstances, please contact us via our contact form or by phone at (213) 740-0411.

Health Leave of Absence
A health leave of absence is a temporary and voluntary leave from the university due to a student’s health needs. A health leave is available when a student’s health condition significantly interferes with the student’s ability to function successfully within the university’s programs. Typically, a health leave lasts between one full semester and one full year, but may be extended by providing documentation outlining the need to the Health Leave Coordinator. Please visit our Health Leave of Absence FAQ page to find answers to some of the common questions students ask about health leaves. The full Student Health Leave of Absence policy includes important information about health leaves of absence. Any student considering a health leave is strongly encouraged to review the policy. If a student would like to discuss taking a health leave of absence, they can call USCSI at (213) 740-0411 to schedule a time to speak with the Health Leave Coordinator.
Tuition Refund Insurance
Tuition Refund Insurance (TRI) allows students to file a claim for a partial or complete refund of their USC tuition in case of a health emergency that requires them to withdraw from all of their courses. All USC students are automatically enrolled in Tuition Refund Insurance when they register for classes. Students have the choice to opt out of the insurance program when they register at the beginning of each term. The TRI process is overseen by the Registrar’s Office, and more detailed information about TRI, including what it covers and how to file a claim, can be found on the Tuition Refund Insurance Information page. If a student has withdrawn from all of their courses for health reasons, they should also contact USC Support & Intervention to arrange for a Health Leave of Absence.
Emotional Health
Students who find themselves overwhelmed by feelings and emotions may need some support in addressing emotional health concerns, particularly if they are managing a difficult or stressful life event. If a student needs help navigating their emotions, there are several options for support on campus. Student Counseling Services is available to help students struggling with their emotional health. They are available 24/7 for emergencies at 213-740-7711, or students can schedule an appointment online. Mindful USC provides many resources, including courses, workshops, and an app that can be downloaded onto smart phones to promote emotional health with easy-to-access meditations and other exercises.
Mental Health
For students who find themselves struggling with mental health in their time at USC, Student Counseling Services are available to help. Students who are experiencing a mental health crisis and are in need of immediate support can walk into Student Counseling Services on the third floor of the Engemann Student Health Center during regular hours, or can call to speak with an on-call counselor 24/7 at 213-740-7711. Students can also schedule an intake appointment on the Student Counseling Services website. If you are worried about the mental health of a member of the Trojan family, you can submit a Trojans Care for Trojans (TC4T) report. Each TC4T submission will be reviewed and responded to by a staff member from USC Support & Intervention within the Office of Campus Wellbeing and Crisis Intervention. If someone’s immediate safety is in jeopardy, always contact the Department of Public Safety at 213-740-4321.
Illness or Injury
If a student finds themselves sick or injured, they can contact the Engemann Student Health Center to schedule a sick appointment . If you are feeling sick after hours, you can speak with an on-call physician or nurse by calling 213-740-9355 and following the recorded instructions. If immediate medical attention is needed, contact the Department of Public Safety at 213-740-4321 or dial 911. If an illness or injury may require accommodations so a student can continue their educational experience at USC, Disability Services and Programs oversees the accommodations request process, including short-term disabilities. Students should initiate an accommodations request as soon as possible so the review of the request can begin. If an injury causes mobility issues that make it difficult for a student to get around campus, the DART program offers on-campus transportation for students with temporary mobility limitations.
Substance Use
There are many resources available on campus for students who may be struggling with alcohol and other drugs.
  • Student Counseling Services is available to offer direct support to a student and offers a wonderful list of resources for students struggling with substance use. If you are concerned about someone else, you can also contact Student Counseling Services to talk about ways to share your concern with that person.
  • The Haven is a non-USC organization with a location on campus dedicated to helping students who struggle with substance use and addiction. They offer many wonderful programs and resources for students.
  • A Trojans Care for Trojans (TC4T) report can be submitted anonymously to share concerns about a member of the USC community. A USCSI staff member will review the report and coordinate appropriate follow-up.
If you are not sure where to start or which resource might be the most appropriate in your situation, call USCSI at (213) 740-0411 to consult with a coordinator.